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Easy Cover Services

Easy Cover Services Ltd provide leads to the financial services industry. All of our leads are acquired in a compliant manner to give you peace of mind.

Our policy is to ensure staff have the right training & platform to do their role to the highest of standards.

We are here to ensure both the client and the customers journey with ourselves is a successful one.

Additional B2B Easy Cover Services

Online Consulting

Lead Generation

Easy Cover Services, provide B2C brokers and direct insurers with the target consumer business leads for new life insurance policies and also for consumers looking to review, renew and improve their existing policies.

IT Management

Business To Business

Our PMI (private medical insurance) lead generation services provide brokers and direct sales team alike with an inbound marketing avenue to increase their targeted PMI leads into their business.

Online Consulting

Financial Service Leads

For brokers and direct income protection sales businesses looking to increase their profits Easy Cover Services provide our B2C lead generation services to significantly increase your inbound marketing.

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